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Peacock Vase Peacock Vase

Strong shapes softened by boldly carved pattern. 9.5"

Orchard Vase Orchard Vase

Our satin glaze highlights the abstracted trees decorating this lovely modern form. 9.5"

 $122.00 $120.00 
Agate Vase Agate Vase

A bold pattern - pulled straight from a gem mine. 14.5"

Wave Vase Wave Vase

Tall and elegant, this form is patterned in a wall of ocean waves. Handmade in our NYC studio. 13"

Plume Vase Plume Vase

Bold detail surround this understated shape. 10"

Wind Vase Wind Vase

The lyrical quality of the wind is captured as it gusts across the surface of this vase. 12"