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Holiday Orders - Dec '15

Our last day to ship IN-STOCK orders for Christmas is Tuesday, December 21st.

Orders need to be received by 1:00 EST to be included. 

If your order is placed after, or not in stock, we'll ship (or make and ship) it as soon as possible.  Your lead time will be approximately 3 weeks as we'll be closed for the holidays.

If you're wondering if the item you desire is in stock or you have any questions, emailing us is the best method.  By phone we can be reached from Monday through Friday 9.30 to 5.30 EST at 718 .937.3828. 

If you're wondering if your in-stock order will arrive in time for Christmas, please use UPS' handy transit calculator and enter Long Island City, NY 11101 in the "Ship From" section and your City, State and Zip in the "Ship To" to determine transit times.  If you have questions about upgrading to 3 day express or air, please email us.  We'll respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for another wonderful year and Happy Holidays!