KleinReid was founded in Brooklyn in 1993 by James Klein and David Reid. A pioneer in ceramic design and maker movements, the studio is widely credited with bringing design to American studio pottery; marrying timeless pottery methods and time-honored industrial techniques. The influential workshop is renowned for its elegant shapes, translucent porcelain, artisanal glazes, design integrity and impeccable craftsmanship. As it always has been, all work is hand produced in-house from bespoke porcelain and glazes.

KleinReid’s refined style has attracted a following and its wares are sought by museums, collectors, celebrities and politicians, including the W.Bush and Obama White Houses (Hi Michelle!) But the majority is owned by people seeking to enhance their surroundings and elevate the everyday with well-made, functional forms. KleinReid’s pieces have been extensively shown in gallery and museum exhibitions, and retail in design stores and stylish boutiques worldwide. As taste-makers, James and David have designed collections for prestigious firms including Herman Miller, Dansk and Room&Board and have been profiled in national and international shelter, fashion and design periodicals, and on television.

In 1999 the duo approached one of its heroes, design legend Eva Zeisel (then 93) with a proposal to collaborate. Their work together over the last twelve years of Ms. Zeisel’s life spawned a collection of over 20 designs, a treasured friendship, and brought her iconic work to a new generation.

For 25 years James and David have made a living hand making objects, supported by those who wish to use and live with their work. They’re honored and humbled. They share a personal vision to create what they love and each new collection elegantly conveys goals that have remained consistent since KleinReid’s inception: thoughtful design, fine craftsmanship and lasting beauty.