KleinReid is a small, design-driven studio producing finely crafted work from our New York City studio since 1993.

Our hand-made work incorporates a variety of time-honored studio and industrial techniques. Our dense, translucent porcelain is hand-mixed from our own recipe. Through rigorous testing, we create our own glazes, often creating a new surface or color to complement a collection. Each glaze is lustrous and strong and free of harmful chemicals such as lead or barium. All our work goes through a 28-step process ending with a final kiln firing to over 2200 degrees.

Every new collection elegantly conveys goals that have remained consistent since KleinReid’s inception: thoughtful design, fine craftsmanship and lasting beauty.

KleinReid porcelain is strong and durable and meant to be used, so don’t be afraid to wash it with dish soap and water or clean with a window cleaner sprayed onto clean cloth. Our bisque finish (unglazed) pieces may be cleaned in the same way. For scuffs on bisque finish pieces, a kitchen scouring pad and a light cleanser will do the trick. For the bottoms, sandpaper will remove marks or any stray rough spots. To remove candle stubs use hot water to soften the built up wax.  Do not submerge pieces that incorporate wood.  For those pieces, clean the porcelain parts with a window cleaner and simply dust the wood or use furniture polish.

Our lighting may be cleaned with a window or counter spray (not submerged in water of course). The metal parts may dull over time and can be brightened with very fine steel wool or a little wood polish sprayed onto a clean cloth.

We sand the bottoms of our work to make them friendly for wood and glass surfaces. If you want to take extra precaution with your furniture, we recommend applying small, adhesive felt pads to the bottom of your KR objet.