01. How do I order?

Create an account using the menu at the top right of our site. Contact us via email or phone if you have any questions or need some advice, otherwise start shopping. You will be prompted through to check out. We will confirm it within 36 business hours to take care of any details and let you know ship time. When your order ships you’ll receive a confirmation email with tracking information. We currently accept Visa, Mastercharge and American Express for payment. We ship via UPS ground. Shipping rates vary for express shipping and international.

02. Where are KleinReid pieces made?

As it has been for over twenty-five years, all of our porcelain is lovingly made in our Brooklyn NY studio from our own hand-mixed porcelain and glaze recipes.  

03. Will my KleinReid vase hold water?

Yes of course! Our porcelain is formulated to be completely vitreous and won’t leak.

04. How long will it take to receive my order?

It varies. If your piece is in stock we can ship within a week. If not in stock, we will hand-make your item/s to order, so a little patience may be required. If that is the case your order shouldn’t take longer than three to four weeks depending on the time of year. Lighting, if not in stock, usually takes a bit longer. If you need something right away or have a deadline, please let us know and we will do our absolute best to get it to you, or offer a viable alternative.

05. How do I find a KleinReid retailer in my area?

For a list of stores in your area carrying our products, please email us with your city and state.  kr@kleinreid.com

06. Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Internationally?

Yes. Please contact us before you submit your order for details. We will supply you with shipping rates and lead times. 

07. How can I pick out a nice piece or group for my home?

Trust what you fall in love with! Each KleinReid series offers a variety of scale to fit your need, function or niche. Varying heights and odd numbers always make the best of friends (although we’re partial to twos when it comes to a wedding present).

08. Can I mix pieces from your different series?

Yes! Good on you! Each KleinReid series has a distinct feel, but all have signature elements or glazes that allow them to intermingle beautifully. Mixing groups can offer a chic “I collected these over time” look to your space – an empowering exercise to create a statement that describes you.

09. Can I call and get a little help?

Yes. If you can’t figure out what you should get, just call us and we can talk you through it. We’re here Monday through Friday from 10 to 6 eastern time. If you get the machine – sorry! we’re probably up to our elbows in porcelain. Leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 718-937-3828

10. What if I don't like it what I've ordered when arrives?

Uhhh, we’re not quite sure how that’s possible! But if you’re unhappy for any reason, please contact us for a return or exchange. **See our policy page for complete instructions. 

11. How do I choose a good wedding gift?

First think about the couple and their style, then choose a series that you think describes them. Each series is designed as a family of shapes and if you look closely you will begin to understand who is who in each series. The nesting Eva Pitcher Set also makes a lovey-dovey statement. Trust your instincts – and trust us. We’re here to help.

12. Do you gift wrap?

Your piece will come nicely wrapped and protected with packing materials then boxed to avoid damage. We don’t gift wrap currently, but will happily add a card with whatever lovely thing you’d like to say.

13. How do I clean and care for my new acquisition?

KleinReid porcelain is strong and durable and meant to be used, so don’t be afraid to wash it with dish soap and water or with a window cleaner and clean rag. Our bisque finish (unglazed) pieces can be cleaned in the same way. For scuffs a scouring pad and a light cleanser will do the trick. For the bottom, sandpaper will remove marks or any stray rough spots. To remove candle stubs use hot water to soften the built up wax.  Dust or polish walnut as needed.
Our lighting can be cleaned with a window spray (not submerged in water of course). The metal parts may dull over time and can be brightened with a little wood polish sprayed onto a clean cloth.  
We sand the bottoms of our work to make them friendly for wood and glass surfaces. If you want to take extra precaution with your furniture, we recommend applying small, adhesive felt pads to the bottom of your KR objet.
Soft goods should be dry cleaned.

14. Your work is so perfect! How do you maintain the quality?

Oh now you’re just buttering us up! But thanks for noticing, we’ve been practicing for over thirty years. We believe that the human hand is an amazing thing and is capable of craft of every possible level – from loosely made pots to perfect porcelain. Our process is highly labor intensive and requires a lot of hand-work. That said, we ain’t robots and clay ain’t plastic! Porcelain is a living thing, and it and the kiln are willful collaborators, so please allow for slight variations in size, glaze and finish. 

15. What is the KleinReid look?

The KleinReid look is inclusive, layered, comforting, embracing, and solid. It is culled from current obsessions and a multitude of historic and cultural references, all combined to create something new and of the moment, but never trendy or cliquish. Our look is cleverly what could only exist now, as a result of sincere respect for what has passed.

16. Will my new KleinReid pieces go with my other stuff?

Yes, you obviously have great taste! Our work is eclectic and quite adept at living in all manner of settings. (We, of course, encourage obsessive collecting of KR pieces.) For some eclectic pizazz go with something more contemporary for a traditional space and vice-versa.

17. Can I visit your studio or purchase there?

Yes, we are open by appointment Monday through Friday from 10a to 6 or 7p. Just give us a call or email so we can arrange a convenient time. As much of our work is made to order, if you’re coming to purchase a specific piece please let us know so we can make sure it’s in stock.  718-937-3828

18. Why join the mailing list?

Joining is a great way to keep up to date with new products, special promotions, events and sample sales. We would love to let you know when we do something interesting or add exclusive, limited pieces on the site. 

19. If I break my KleinReid piece can it be fixed?

When porcelain is broken or chipped the best thing to do is what you mother did with her favorite china; superglue it back together – sorry that may not help much with the heartbreak.  Think of this as an opportunity to participate in the ongoing crafting of the piece. We have a philosophy about the enduring comfort of a broken object as a tribute to our less than perfect selves. But we know you perfect people are out there, so you’re welcome to re-order if the piece is still in production.  
Non-ceramic parts (like on our lamps) are another story – give us a ring.  

20. How dare you discontinue some of my favorite things?

We have an insatiable need to create new designs, and a limited production capacity in the studio. So as new ideas fill our brains, and the studio, sacrifices must be made. Don’t wait if you love something – she who hesitates…

21. I love some earlier work, are those items still available?

Officially no. If it’s not on this site it is not available. However you’re welcome t0 call us and we will be happy to look deep in the shelves just in case your piece may be hiding in wait for you.  Also we will be reissuing some of favorite pieces from the archives as website exclusives. And how will you know about these? See question “Why join the mailing list?” above.

22. How can I identify a piece of yours that I don't see on your site?

We’re working on a web archive of our past work so collectors can track down details. In the meantime, email us a few photos. 

23. Do James and David design the work together?

Though there is the occasional project done exclusively by one of us (the luster tiles for example), KR collections are a solid collaboration with important elements brought by each of the duo. David is conceptual, and loves a good glaze, while James is passionate about sublime form.

24. What other services does KleinReid offer?

James and David have designed many tabletop and home products for other companies including Room&Board, Herman Miller, West Elm, Dansk and MGlass. We would be happy to design work for your needs.

Can I apply for a position or an internship with KleinReid?

Yes. Please email us for details, we may not have openings but we are happy to review resumes. We are *almost* always seeking bright, focused and motivated interns. We do our best to adapt them to satisfy school requirements, make them a fun and informative experience about all aspects of our business, and make sure you’re not “fetching coffee and making copies.”